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Debugging Android with Stetho



In this Lesson we cover how to debug your Android application with the Stetho. Stetho is an Android debug bridge that connects your application with the Chrome Developer Tools for easy debugging.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect your application to Stetho
  • View the SQLite Database in the Chrome Dev Tools
  • View the applications Shared Preferences in the Dev Tools
  • Inspect your applications Network Calls
    • Debug application network latency
    • View Time to First Byte
  • Issue SQL queries inside of Chrome Dev Tools to inspect and alter your database in your application
  • Run the dumpapp command line interface to alter and change preferences from the command line.
  • Create a plugin for Stetho
  • Only run Stetho in a debug environment




Great Video. Does stetho only work if we have the android device plugged in via USB? If we're network connected, how do we open it in Chrome?