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Espresso Test Recorder

Tweaking Code Generation Settings for Matchers

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This lesson will show you how changing the matcher depth settings of `Espresso Test Recorder`will affect the generated code and the likelihood of a successful execution of your recorded test. You'll learn the pros and cons of adjusting these depth-related settings, and what situations you'd want to change them from their defaults. **Advanced settings in this lesson include:** * Max UI depth * ScrollView detection depth * Assertion depth **Pre-requisites:** * Watch [Espresso Test Recorder - Recording an Espresso Test](/lessons/espresso-test-recorder) lesson to have a good understanding of how the test recorder works with default settings, so you can be ready to take advantage of the advanced settings. **Follow up lesson recommendations:** * Watch other lessons in the [Espresso Test Recorder](/courses/espresso-test-recorder/) course. **Related links:** * [Espresso Test Recorder Documentation]( * [Espresso Cheat Sheet]( * [Espresso Documentation](

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