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Introduction to RxJava for Android Developers


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In the is Lesson you will learn:

  • How to start with an existing application (or new application) and introduce RxJava
  • How to create an Observable with the Observable.just() operator
  • How and why to defer Observable execution with the Observable.defer() operator
  • How how to create a full RxJava Subsriber with onCompleted(), onError() and onNext() implementations
  • How to debug simple RxJava errors
  • How to use the subscribeOn() operator to determine what thread the subscription should occur on
  • How to use the observeOn() operator to set what thread the subscriber should be notified on
  • How to set up an RxJava Subscription
  • How to prevent common memory leaks with subscriptions by unsubscribing
  • At the end of this Lesson you will be able to take your existing long running tasks (such as AsyncTasks) and transition them into RxJava Observables.

* RxAndroid
* RxJava
* Observable.just() docs
* Observable.defer() docs
* subscribeOn() docs
* RxJava Schedulers
* RxAndroid Schedulers
* Subscription doc
* OkHttp





The "RxAndroid Schedulers" link is broken.


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